Supporters & Sponsors

Since each repeater owner is responsible for their repeater and it's expenses, we don't rely on any funding. However, there are times when we need some help with equipment, technical guidance, or specialized tools. Drawing from our community, we have found lot's of support. We would like to recognize them here.

Commercial Supporters

Let's Get Ready

Bob Yuan (KJ6UVT) Owner

Let's Get Ready is a radio import and distribution company based in California. Let's Get Ready has been providing our membership with great discounts on products to allow for almost every budget to get into DMR. Typically, the AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus (Portable) and the AT-D578UV Pro (Mobile) are the radios of choice.  Bob and Let's Get Ready have been a great supporter to Puget Sound DMR.

Let's Get Ready has two web stores. If you are looking to get into the mode, please support Bob and Let's get Ready by buying through one of his stores below.

Let's Get Ready Amazon Store

Let's Get Ready eBay Store

The Sales Group

Dana Hanford (KC7SDD) Partner

The Sales Group is a manufacturer sales representative company. Dana has supported amateur radio for years.  

Hytera Communications

Alvin Tan (President)

Hytera manufacturers top of the line commercial grade equipment building in awesome features at a reasonable price. Hytera's DMR repeaters quickly connect to BrandMeister and offer other neat features like linking repeaters together over RoIP to support analog, mixed, and digital modes. 

Silke Communications

Gary Rose (Sales)

Most commercial two-way radio shops have hams that work for them, yet they do their best to stay away from doing business with hams due to their sometimes-frugal budgets or requests for handouts. Gary at Action understands that we support community missions supported by personal finances. Understand that he works to make a living and his company is out to make a profit. That said, Gary offers very reasonable pricing to the amateur community.

Silke Communications

Amateur Supporters


Artem Prilutsk (R3ABM)
Rudy Hardeman (PD0ZRY)

The BrandMeister network is the worlds largest DMR system.  Designed for amateur radio by amateur radio operators, its the most inclusive and feature rich system. in the world. They rely on donations to support their global server infrastructure, so please take a moment to donate to the cause.


Donate to BrandMeister

Papa System

Michael Ricky (AF6FB)

The Papa System is one of the largest amateur radio clubs in the US. The Papa System is located in southern California but is open to membership anywhere. The Papa System also has one of the largest BrandMeister DMR networks in the. Papa System hosts the DMR round table every Monday night at 20 00 PST.

Micheal Ricky continues to grow and support the hobby more than any one individual I know. Micheal has his own blog site which is full of useful information and perspective. Take a moment to head over there and check out his site.

Papa System

Micheal Rickey

Kitsap County Amateur Radio Club

The KCARC is a club in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula, and you guessed it, Kitsap County. The KCARC fell into DMR after their fusion repeater broke and haven't looked back. KCARC offers their mixed mode (DMR/Analog) club repeater for all to use connected to the BrandMeister network. Feel free to reach out to them on BM TG 311429 anytime.

Great Offers from our Supporters