Puget Sound DMR Coalition Repeaters

Below is a map showing the different affiliated repeaters with PSDMR.
If you have a DMR repeater that is connected to the BrandMeister Network, please shoot us an email and we'll get you listed!

Clicking on each repeater below will open a window as shown to the right.

Repeater Mode: There are only to options.
Mixed: The repeater will pass both analog or DMR modulation. What ever modulation type comes in goes out. When operating in DMR the repeater is also connected to the BrandMeister Network.
DMR: The repeater only passes DMR modulation and is connected to the BrandMeister Network.

Frequency: Lists the OUTPUT from the repeater, this would be the frequency that would be added to your radio under the Receive (RX) field. Currently all UHF repeaters utilize a + 5.0 MHz offset, so this info is not shown.

DMR: This will list the Color Code of the repeater

Analog: This will list the CTCSS or DTCSS tones for analog operation if applicable. Please note that the tone listed will be used for both TX and RX, this allows analog users to not hear the DMR modulation. Please note that it is highly recommended that you enable Busy Chanel Lockout on these analog channels to prevent from stepping on DMR users.

Link: This is the link to each repeaters listing on BrandMeister. This is helpful to see what Talkgroups are assigned to what slots and who is using the repeater via the last heard dashboard.